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Office and Technology
A&E HAS PROVIDED BUILDING MAINTENANCE AND JANITORIAL SERVICES for numerous Office and Technology Companies. We have serviced these facilities on a regular basis for over twenty years. We make every attempt to provide the services properly, efficiently and in a cost effective manner. An important first impression of a building is formed long before that facility is entered. It occurs as people approach the building complex. An open area or parking lot that is debris-free gives an image of a neat, clean, well maintained facility and conveys a sense of caring.

Building tenants appreciate a clean exterior environment. It instills a sense of pride in the work place. This also helps in maintaining the interior since clean lots and landscape grounds result in less soil brought inside. It reduces the wear and tear to entrance mats, carpeting and flooring. For interior maintenance, we monitor all work to be done on site, and install progressive schedules for all future work, whether as part of the regular maintenance schedule or as a special project. A&E also specializes in move -in, move-out scheduled work.

Move-in, Move-out and Moving and Storage
A&E will take impeccable care of your belongings and provide you with a hassle-free move. We are cognizant of the need to quickly perform moves or relocate people and spaces within existing work areas: all without disrupting the work flow. At A&E we also understand that it is desirable and critical that these changes occur during off-hours.

To ensure the move goes like clockwork, we supply boxes, labels, computer carts and file carts. We use our own vehicles and warehouse support so that we can control the entire process. Your employees should leave work at the close of business and arrive on the first business day following the move prepared to continue their normal assignments.

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