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Research Laboratories
A&E HAS EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE in providing custodial services to Research Laboratories. Laboratory facilities are challenging. They are complex, technically sophisticated, and mechanically intensive facilities that are expensive to build and to maintain. They are difficult to clean and maintain since most laboratories use state of the art equipment and are often have sophisticated building configurations and equipment located in difficult settings. And most often, the laboratories are occupied continuously.

We pride ourselves in providing these services for many of the prominent institutions on the west coast. Our work must be performed under the most exacting circumstances and must satisfy both the scientists and administrators.

A&E can care and maintain StaticSmart flooring which complies with the ultimate 100k room standard.

Today more than ever, medical or bioscience research laboratories are designed for maximum security in order to serve the institutions’ short and long-term needs. They must be successfully maintained, once put into service, since so much is at stake.


our work must be performed under the most exacting circumstances.