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Special Events
A&E HAS OVER TWENTY YEARS EXPERIENCE providing back of the house maintenance and cleanup for special events. The tasks for these special types of events require a versatile approach to custodial care since they often occur at remote sites. Setup of the supporting back of the house, temporary toilets, trash disposal must be established quickly. In addition, A&E is often asked to do many other un-related activities, usually on a spur of the moment basis, in order to make the event a success. We have done it all. We provide total event maintenance for a variety of events, including:
  • Street Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Event Venues
  • Overnight Cleaning
  • Special Events

A&E has provided event custodial services for such venues as the San Francisco Black and White Ball, The San Francisco Marathon and The San Francisco Bay to Breakers Marathon. For Live Nation (and before that as Bill Graham Productions) we have provided both the site preparation and the custodial work for such events as Kaboom!, The Blue Grass Festival, The Oktoberfest by the Bay and many other special events. A&E has provided these services for most of these events on an annual basis.


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